Your health: if it’s on your body, you should know what it’s made of. Our cotton is certified 100% organic cotton without any chemical, fragrances, dye, and herbal medicines. We ensure the best essentials for your health.

Hassle free: We want you to have a comfortable and convenient way to throw your used pad without any hassle or embarrassing moment. Always remember there are 4 steps for you, roll up, seal with white wrapper, slide into the envelope and toss it!

Quality ingredients: Your body knows what is good for you. We select the best quality material  to supplement your body. We’ve selected 100% organic premium cotton and quality materials for you.

Eco-friendly: We only have one planet, you be part of the eco-friendly community by taking baby steps. Unlike conventional period essentials, we are try to minimize plastic usage and replace it with biodegradable materials. Therefore, we are encouraging monthly subscription to reduce waste as each of our processes are tailored to be eco-friendly. 

Bundle Collection